Triple Pack is valued at $288


1. Racing The Lion Illustrated History Book

  • Special edition hardcover 400 page book release from the v8 Sleuth
  • Honouring Holden's history in Motorsport
  • A must have for any Holden or Motorsport enthusiast.

2.HRT The Cars History Book

  • HRT The Cars History Book 1989-2016 2nd edition 
  • Aaron Noonan the Author covers 45 cars that have carried the HRT Livery between 1989 and 2016 
  • 400 Pages
  • Limited 2nd Edition

3. Holden Ute 70 Years Volume 4

  • 70 Years of the Holden ute
  • This is the 4th Volume of the Holden Final Chapter 2nd edition, also sold seperately here.
  • Includes Sticker Pack


Brand Holden
Brand Holden

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